Latest release : Network-config v0.2
Simple network configuration tool
Description :

Network-config is a simple and easy to use program that helps configuring the network interfaces for linux-based operating systems. It allows to have multiple configurations for the same computer and to easy configure NAT for internet sharing. It can also be used to scan for wireless networks. It is written in perl and uses gtk2+, but also works as a command line program.

Small network-config demo : ogg theora video.

Screenshots ? yes, on the screenshots page.

Improvements requests ? Just drop me a mail ! (see the author page).

Latest release :

The latest release is 0.2 : download Network-config v0.2.

News :

07.04.2008 : Version v0.2 released. Changelog (download 0.2).

06.08.2006 : Version v0.1 released. Changelog (download 0.1).